Ode to Ekaterinburg

Еkaterinburg - link of times.
Domes of churches and neon.
City, as if fantastic dream,
Sanctity stored

Church on Blood was lit in day of the scheduled anniversary of execution of Romanov – on July 16, 2003. A large number of pilgrims from many cities of Russia were present at this historical moment, further every year, to this sad date began to carry out church service about innocently died and to make religious procession to the Ganina Yama where now there is a monastery.

Sevastyanov House - one of the most impressive, striking and memorable buildings in Yekaterinburg. At its festive appearance of the palace, even ahead of the old passenger train station. The palace was built in the early 19th century, and they do not have, and has no equals in the entire Urals. This powerful and impressive building can be described as neo-Gothic, if not richly-gingerbread colors, green-white-red.

The museum is located in a two-story stone house, built in the first third of the 19th century. The exhibition includes manuscripts, photographs, editions of the writer's works, sketches of city life, the types, the Urals, St. Petersburg, household items of the 19th century.

This ancient building Ekaterinburg apparently bears little resemblance to the mill. Rather, it looks like a massive fortified castle. It is built in 1908 and is a five-story building of red brick with contrasting white elements forming shaped ornaments. In the corners of the mill were built towers and the facade is decorated with semicircular gables and cupolas of the same form in the Baroque style. Today, the mill building - is an outstanding example of architecture of the early 20th century and the monument of regional significance.

The museum of history of Yekaterinburg is open for 1940 as Y. M. Sverdlov's House museum. In the museum the historical exposition, only in the Urals, with waxworks of Peter I, Ekatherine I and Ekatherine II, founders of Ekaterinburg, the Ural industrialists Demidov, the emperor Nicholay II and members of his family is presented. All figures are made by request of the museum by the Ural sculptors. The building in which the museum is located is a historical and cultural monument of regional value.


The factory dam in Ekaterinburg has been constructed of the Ural larch — a tree which doesn't decay in water, and turns into stone and only becomes stronger. It is one of the oldest constructions of this sort in Russia.