In the region of big lakes and the deep rivers,
Where a half moon the side shines,
In a heart of stored unique
There is a beauty - Kazan

Peter Polevov

Bauman Street - pedestrian street in historic center of Kazan, Vakhitovsky district, a kernel of the Kazan posad. The street begins about the Kazan Kremlin from Tysyacheletiya Square and proceeds on the southeast to Tukaya Square where it is crossed with Pushkin Street.


The mosque in the Old-Tatar settlement of Kazan city. It is located between Kayum Nasyri Street and coast of the lake Nizhny (Near) Boar. The mosque was the historical sign embodiment of the beginning of society of multi-religious toleration in Russia proclaimed the empress Catherine II at the end of the 18th century, more than two centuries was the largest and main cathedral mosque-dzhami in Kazan and remains historic center of Tatar-Muslim spirituality in Tatarstan.

Park of the Millennium — park in Vakhitovsky district of Kazan. Also alternative name of park — "Millennium park" meets. The park of the Millennium is located in the center of Kazan, near the northern coast of the lake Nizhny  (Near) Boar. 

Peter and Paul Cathedral of Kazan is located on M. Dzhalilya Street, in the house No. 21, before revolution of 1917 the street on a cathedral was called Peter and Paul.

The temple of all religions, also Universal temple, the International cultural center of a spiritual unification — an architectural construction in the settlement Old Arakchino in the city of Kazan which construction was begun in 1994 by the artist, the architect, the sculptor, the healer and the public figure Ildar Hanov.