In the blue sea
There is a fantastic country.
There the winds roar in the open.
It is called Kamchatka.

Korobeynikova Tatiana


The elements which one thought cannot coexist, live here side by side in harmony. Fire breathing volcanoes and ice covering their tops, water surrounded by solid earth: they all come along giving birth to the unmatched beauty of the Kamchatka Peninsula. Winter and summer never really leave this vital place. Although Kamchatka is mostly tundra, trees are abundant and forests can be found throughout the peninsula.


Where two rivers meet nestles the “Pearl of Kamchatka”, the Valley of Geysers, a famous tourist attraction but over all, an amazing display of nature’s power. This stunning wonder of geothermal activity consisting of over 20 big geysers and many thermal springs is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.


The specificity of this amazing volcanic region with its pronounced mountainous character and endless riding zones, that in fact are as big as the territory of the whole country of Switzerland, have made Kamchatka a sought-after destination among the most demanding aficionados of extreme sports: a true “must”.