I tried to get a sense of the wonder of Baikal,
but its majesty was just too great for words to fit it all

Kenton M. Stewart

Lake Baikal attractions

Znamensky Convent is the orthodox convent located in Pravoberezhny district of Irkutsk at confluence of Angara and Ushakovki rivers. One of the oldest monasteries of Siberia.

The sculpture of a babr. In the historical part of Irkutsk there was established a bronze sculpture of a babr – a mythical animal. Babr holds a sable in teeth. The sculpture was established on a low pedestal. City dwellers liked the monument, as well as city guests. Many different people make photos with it. 

The museum of local lore - Irkutsk Regional Museum of Local Lore - the oldest museum of Siberia, was founded on December 3 in 1782 and possesses invaluable monuments of historical and cultural heritage. 

Park of the 350 anniversary of Irkutsk (Irkutsk park of sculptures) is an equipped zone for the rest with a large number of sculptures. 

The valley of Volcanoes - one of the most hard-to-reach spots in Baikal. When here several volcanoes which within several millennia filled in the valley with the boiling lava worked. It has created a unique landscape, lava educations reach the 150th meter height here and there. 

The museum icebreaker "Angara" - the only thing from the first courts of icebreaking type which has remained up to now. The Russian government at the end of 1898 in England in «Sir VG Armstrong» company registered the order for its construction. 

The cape Shebetuy-On the cape Shebetuy in a quite good look one of stone strengthenings has remained. During an era from VI to the XIth century inhabitants of the island it was covered behind such strengthenings from the nomad tribes running on them. 

The bay Peschanaya - one of the most known and picturesque places on Lake Baikal - doesn't leave anybody indifferent. The name the Baikal Riviera thanks to her soft microclimate and a large number of sunny days in a year, same, as in resorts of the Black Sea coast was assigned to a bay. 

Island of Olkhon - Among three tens Baikal islands, the island of Olkhon surrounded with a set of ancient myths and legends is allocated especially - the size, a variety of landscapes, greatness of nature sanctuaries. 

Hakusa - is a thermal source which is famous for the curative force. It is the only thing on Baikal. His field is in rocky break of the cape Haman-Keith. Water temperature in it is mute it is equal to 46 degrees. You can not only have a rest, but also receive medical treatment. 

Bogoyavleniya cathedral is the Orthodox church (in the XVIII—XIX centuries it was a cathedral church) located in historic center of Irkutsk on the crossing of streets Sukhe-Bator and Nizhnyaya Naberezhnaya of Angara. It is the second oldest stone building of Irkutsk. 

Baikalo-Lenskiy Nature Reserve - the National natural park "Baikalo-Lenskiy" is organized by the Resolution of Council of ministers of RSFSR of December 5, 1986 No. 96 in the territory of Kachugsky and Olkhon areas of the Irkutsk region. A main goal of creation of the reserve – preservation of the typical natural complexes characteristic of northwest Cis-Baikal.